Young Family with Pet Dog


Free To Be Dog aims to empower marginalized groups in our community with certified humane training education.Our community, in turn, has become more dog savvy and are better at identifying and meeting their dog’s needs leading to better welfare. Free To Be Dog teaches owners to interpret their dog’s behavior accurately, ensuring successful and lasting results. 

At Free To Be Dog We Focus On
Answering the questions “how dogs learn” and “how can I make this work at home with my family?”


Due to a large gap of accessibility in small communities and an excess of dangerously outdated dog training, Free To Be Dog Founders witnessed a dire NEED for quality training resources. Rewards-based training focuses on what you want your dog TO DO while strengthening the human-animal bond. Through positive reinforcement training, dog owners learn how to work WITH their and build mutual trust with small wins that build to bigger wins! Keeping training FUN and rewarding for both dogs and humans not only increases animal welfare but keeps the public safe as well.