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Online Training

Can't meet in person? No problem! 

Does Online Training Work?


Online dog training is a convenient and cost effective way to train your dog from the comfort of your own home. It is an efficient and effective option for pet parents with busy schedules or those who do not have access to qualified in person training services.


Online training is particularly beneficial for fearful, anxious, and/or aggressive dogs. No more putting your dog into a stressful situation by having a stranger coming to your home. No more stressful car rides.


A skilled trainer will be able to coach you through training your dog via video meetings just as well as if they were there in person. Plus, you get more hands-on time with your dog, strengthening your relationship and practicing skills to achieve success!








Reduced Stress


Distraction Free

Your Options


Behavior Modification Consult

This 90-minute deep dive into your dog's challenging behaviors will get you started on the road to relief.


What's Included

90-min consultation with Tiffany

Immediate management strategies to prevent further rehearsal of problem behaviors

Written follow-up notes outlining consultation discussion and prognosis

Customized training program to address your goals

Recommended helpful resources, handouts, videos, or gear as relevant

30-days email support 


Support Session

Once you’ve completed your consultation, Tiffany will meet with you and your dog throughout your behavior modification journey.


What's Included

Between sessions homework

Relevant resources, handouts, and/or videos

Intermittent check-ins to assess progress

Adjustments to training plan/program as needed

Feedback of training and video reviews

Behavior reports to other professionals if necessary (veterinary behaviorists, veterinarians)

Separation Anxiety.jpeg

Separation Anxiety Assessment

Separation Anxiety Professional trainer, Amanda, will assess the intricacies of your dog's separation-related problem behaviors. Follow-up summary and recommendations included.


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