Private Training Offerings

Private Training Consultation

Consultations are 90 minutes and conducted in your home

Behavior training involves complex, uniquely written training plans. All private training starts with a behavior consultation. Your trainer will gather a relevant history and collect the information needed to create an effective training plan. The initial consultation appointment will end with a brief training session so you and your dog can get started right away. Private training sessions are conducted in the privacy of your home, at relevant public spaces, or through virtual training.


Examples of behaviors we work with include:

  • leash reactivity and/or pulling (barking, lunging, growling)

  • human/dog aggression

  • food bowl aggression

  • resource guarding 

  • excessive jumping up

  • nipping and mouthing

  • doorbell/visitors manners training 

  • excessive barking 

  • dog-dog play skill deficit 

  • fear of veterinary care/grooming

  • confinement anxiety

  • puppy training 

  • puppy socialization

  • positions (sit, down, stand)

  • stay (sit and down)

  • come when called

  • leave it & drop it

  • wait at open doors

  • emergency stop

  • relax on a mat

  • hand targeting

  • muzzle training

  • watch me/focus

  • find it 

  • lets go

  • trick training

  • retrieve

Initial Consultation: $165/90 min

Training Sessions: $135/60 min

Includes: Follow-up notes, immediate management strategies if applicable, relevant handouts or videos, unlimited email support while working together plus 90 days thereafter, personalized training plans, and between session homework.

Puppy Training 

specialized programs just for puppies!

Looking to get started on the right paw with your puppy? Check out the details of our specialized puppyy packages by clicking the button below. 

Not sure where to start?

for all dogs!

Are you unsure of which service would be best for your needs? Still have questions about our training methods or philosophy? Book a complimentary 15-minute Assessment Call today! 

Please note: Assessment Calls are booked to insure we can provide our undivided attention. Please give 24-hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your call. No-shows for assessment calls will be flagged in our system and subject to a $10 no-show fee.