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Meet Your Trainers

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Dog training isn't just about your dog.

In fact, the most integral part of the training process is you!

That’s why we work with you to make sure your training plan fits your lifestyle and is tailored to what you need. 

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We strive to help you strengthen your bond with your dog with effective and humane training programs that work.

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To create an environment (and world) where force-free dog training is the only acceptable approach both socially and culturally.


Tiff Score

As an Honors graduate of the world-renowned Academy For Dog Trainers professional dog training program, Tiffany is uniquely qualified to help dog owners overcome a variety of training hurdles. She has worked with dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and temperaments with owners, fosters, adopters, and within rescue organizations. She is passionate about educating owners on how dogs learn, think, and feel.

Tiffany is currently finishing her Master’s degree in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare at Virginia Tech University where she focuses her thesis research on mitigating stress related behaviors in dogs related to routine veterinary visits. She continues to learn and grow in her academic and hands-on skills by taking courses from the field’s most respected animal behavior experts. She is a Fear Free Certified Professional Trainer.


Tiffany’s knowledge, passion, and expertise combined with her military background makes her relatable to people from all walks of life. She is compassionate, kind, and dedicated to the welfare of both humans and animals and works to ensure that everyone feels safe, heard, and successful when working with her. Tiffany is respected and trusted within the field and community. She is recommended by local pet sitters, pet shops, rescues, veterinarians and veterinary behaviorists and often works in conjunction with other professionals to ensure you and your dog get the highest quality care. 


Whether you’re ready to get started on the right paw with your puppy or have silently suffered with challenging behaviors with your dog for years, Tiffany is dedicated to getting you and your dog back to a stress-free, enjoyable and cohesive life together! 


Amanda Dwyer

Amanda is a certified dog trainer with a passion for learning, a love of helping others, and a drive for excellence. In 2021, Amanda co-founded a nonprofit organization, Humane Alliance of Rescue Trainers, that focuses on connecting rescue organizations with certified professional dog trainers in an effort to reduce return and relinquishment rates. She now sits on the board of directors. 


Amanda is a Separation Anxiety Professional Trainer who specializes in helping dogs and their families reclaim their lives through effective and humane home alone training. Amanda is uniquely qualified to help Free To Be Dog clients on their separation anxiety journey. She is available to help anyone, anywhere through utilization of video consulting. 

Professional Certifications, Memberships, & Awards

Master of Agricultural and Life Science Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare, MSc (In progress)

Certificate in Training and Counseling, CTC with Honors - The Academy For Dog Trainers

Fear Free Certified Professional Trainer, FFCP-T

Certified Service Dog Coach, SDC

Living and Learning with Animals Professional Course

Enrichment Master Course (In progress)

Unlocking Resiliency Course (In progress)

Pet Professional Guild Member

2nd Place ‘Best Dog Training’ Best of the Pines, 2022


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